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Orbit Exchange

• Established in 2017
• Licensed and regulated in Curacao
• Excellent liquidity throughout their offerings
• Fast settlement of events & fast pay-outs
• Fast speed site and bet acceptance
• Welcomes arbitrage players
• Commission charge on winnings
• Well designed site

 Orbitx also offers the unique option of LIVE Casino ( Roulette, Casino Holdem, Monopoly e.t.c. )  
Through this option, you can choose from a variety of online casino table games such as BlackJack, Hi-Lo, Hold’em, Card Derby Racing, Baccarat, Roulette, Monopoly e.t.c.  
Moreover, Ortbitx goes far beyond any other online betting platform since it also offers the unique option to bet on a variety of online in games including on classics such as Dota II, Starcraft II, Counter-Strike and many other popular multiplayer games.

General Overview
The first notable aspect of Orbitx is that it is user friendly. The dashboard is designed in a simple, yet efficient way with a large number of options.

1. For instance, through “My Accounts” you have the option to check and see all of your bets. You can see all the history and how you bets fared. Also, Orbitx has the option to check on your total betting profit or loss and the account statement. The dashboard also features links to Live Casino, Marble Transfer and all the sports that are part of the betting portfolio. 

Orbitx also offers identical markets, great odds, bet in-play and cash-out option, same as other major betting platforms such as Betfair. However, what makes Orbitx better than the other major betting platform is that there are no premium charges which is a great additional benefit.

Nevertheless, that is not all. A major advantage of Orbitx is that the Betting Slips are quite simple and easy to navigate as well. It shows the odd, the stake, the possible profit and finally, the liability.

– Additionally, the Orbitx betting slip offers an option to modify the odds in order to make it bigger, or smaller as per your needs and betting strategy.

– The Betting Slip includes the buttons to cancel your bets and to place your bets. Before you place your bet, you will need to confirm your bets.

– After placing the bets, you will have a bet offer as unmatched, matched or partially matched. If you do not receive offer promptly, your bet will still stay on the market for offers unless you decide to cancel your bet. Yes, it is that simple!

– On top of that, Orbitx also offers the option to modify the odds of your bet thus increasing the chances for your bet to be matched. This concept applies for back bets and lay bets as well. 

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